Accidents happen whether on the road, at work, on holiday, on sports fields (at school, college, university or on Council owned or private/public property), in shops, streets or as a result of faulty products. If you or someone you know suffers an injury as a result of an accident caused by another person, you may be entitled to compensation.

AMAL Solicitors have a wealth of experience cultivated over many years of practice in advising and providing a client focused service in personal and sports injury claims.

In addition to a qualified workforce dedicated to dealing with relatively straightforward accident claims in the shortest possible time, we have specialist personal injury solicitors with particular expertise and an excellent proven track record in handling complex and multiple injuries, claims against multiple defendants and serious injuries to the head, brain and the spinal cord.

Every claim is different. With knowledge of the medical issues and sensitive to the life changing experience caused by serious accidents, we understand your injuries, your objectives and offer a service tailored to you. Having well-established relations with medical experts in all relevant disciples, we arrange rehabilitation assessments, therapy and support packages and work as a team with you and your medical professionals to address your immediate and long term needs.

Our serious injury solicitors are specialists in handling high value compensation claims engaging medical professionals and barristers renowned for their expertise. We pride on guiding you through the claim process clearly and simply without compromising on quality in our client focused service.

Serving clients across the UK we offer a no win no fee service which guarantees that:

  1. You keep 100% of your compensation;
  2. When you win, you do not pay anything. We will recover our legal fees from your opponent(s) or their insurer;
  3. Should you lose, you will not pay us a penny;

If you or someone you know has suffered injury, let us help for free in our core practice areas:

  1.   Road traffic accidents
  2.   Accidents at work
  3.   Accidents on public transports including aircraft, coach, ferry and train
  4.   Industrial Diseases / Industrial Deafness
  5.   Product liability
  6.   Accidents in the street
  7.   Accidents on holiday
  8.   Fatal Accidents
  9.   Accidents whilst Playing or Watching Sports
  10. Head, Brain and Facial Injuries
  11. Pelvic-Back Injuries
  12. Spinal Cord Injury & Paralysis
  13. Hand/Arm/Leg Injuries
  14. Chronic Pain & Chronic Depression
  15. Post Traumatic Stress
  16. Injuries to the Rib Cage and Internal Organs

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