Fraud is a complex area. Insurers have access to extensive resources and are undertaking ever increasing investigations into the identification of fraudulent claims. These types of claims involve commercial fraud, motor, trade and property claims and high value domestic asset claims.

Insurers may investigate for a wide range of reasons including false claims, deliberately induced damage for financial gain, staged claims, falsification of facts, material non-disclosure of information and exaggeration.

Often innocent people become caught in an over zealous approach to validation investigations or may become accused of fraud due to the nature of the claim.

If you are accused of fraud, whether commercial or corporate fraud, you need access to legal experts equipped with the knowledge and experience to pursue a successful defence strategy.

Our fraud specialists have an excellent track record of pro-actively defending accusations in all instances of commercial and insurance fraud. With full access to our own team of investigators, independent experts and barristers we have the technical knowledge and expertise to counter fraud allegations and evidence where necessary and pursue a pragmatic and pro-active approach to defending fraudulent allegations in all circumstances.

Areas of expertise

The following is an example of our experience:

  • Commercial and Domestic Insurance Fraud
  • Motor Insurance Fraud
  • Suspected Arson
  • Staged Theft Accusations
  • Exaggerated Damage Claims
  • Business Interruption

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